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Reklaw and Gallatin form 391 Commission

Reklaw and Gallatin vs KEYSTONE XL Pipeline proposal
Reklaw/Gallatin, TX, September 26th, 2011

The City Councils of Reklaw and Gallatin have joined to establish an East Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission (“ETSRPC”) as specified in the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 391, Regional Planning Commissions. As a political subdivision of the State of Texas, it is the ETSRPC’S general responsibility to “study, plan and guide the unified, far-reaching development of the region”. The formation of this ETSRPC mandates that the federal and state agencies coordinate and cooperate with it in matters impacting the ETSRPC’s responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to, local concerns involving the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Project. The U.S. State Department has been placed on notice by the ETSRPC to prepare to answer all questions from the commission regarding current and future plans for the Keystone XL pipeline as it will impact our citizens and economies. The urgent task of the ETSRPC is to compile the concerns of the region into Public Comments for Submission to the State Department on the National Interest Determination. Anyone can make comments which will go into the record of the public hearings (specific information below). “When closely examined, the Keystone XL pipeline passing through East Texas begs many questions. The potential for a disaster seems real. This is a non-partisan political issue that gambles with our resources and livelihoods. The 391 Commission elevates us into a position in which we can learn more, have our concerns heard, and influence policy,” explains ETSRPC member, Tom Colkin. The State Department Hearings on the National Interest Determination of the Keystone XL pipeline were held in various places throughout the U.S. In Texas hearings were held on Monday, September 26th, in Port Arthur and on Wednesday, September 28th, in Austin. Members of the Reklaw/Gallatin ETSRPC were at the hearings in Austin to report on regional concerns. The decision to issue a Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL pipeline will take into account a wide range of factors, including environmental, economic, energy security, foreign policy, and pipeline safety concerns. The ETSRPC invites concerned entities to join.
For information, please contact:
Chase Palmer Tel: 936-537-2448
Tom Colkin Tel: 903-521-2957
Roberta Colkin Tel: 903-780-2938

In order for comments to be considered, they must be submitted indicating: “Reference EO 13337” by midnight on October 9, 2011 by the following methods:
Fax at 206-269-0098;
or Mailed to the following address:
Alexander Yuan
Keystone XL EIS Project
P.O. BOX 96503-98500
Washington, DC 20090-6503


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