Difference Between BDRip/BRrip/DVDRip/BluRay [Quality Comparison]


Earlier, when people wanted to attempt piracy, cam releases were the most prominent. The piracy has been implemented by them recording the projection of the on-screens in the theatres. This enabled all the groups to pirate the movies that are released in the theatres irrespectively when they were in the theatrical zone. But most of these releases are of low quality and therefore undetected videotaping was required, which involved a lot of effort. Here’s when alternative methods were sought. In 1998, many feature films were released on the web even before they are officially released. These versions are indeed pirated, and they came in the form of SVCD and VCD. The prime example of such privacy is the release of American Pie. The movie was released in the uncensored format, and later when the theatrical cut was released, it was narrowed down by many minutes avoiding the nudity in order to pass the MPAA guidelines.

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Difference Between BDRip/BRrip/DVDRip/BluRay

Comparison Of Various Video Qualities

Later in 1999, DeCSS format was released, a programming tool which allows people to remove the CSS encryption on DVD files. The authors developed the software for playback purposes, but it could also decode the content of a file for ripping. Shortly after, the new codec released by Alpha has started ripping the videos that are almost of DVD quality. The early DivX releases were internal, but once as the codec has spread, they become more standard and widely used. With the help of the people who worked for the movie, the video rental companies, the production houses, the codec format has almost become commercial, and this is when Xvid format has been formed.

After this format, many new blended formats have been formed. But, today we don’t know, the difference between various formats of the movies given that they all are released on the web. We have several videos of the same movie or an episode of the TV show in different formats and we don’t know how to choose which is better as we can’t demarcate them. To help you in knowing better, here’s the difference between DVDRip, Bluray, BDrip and other versions.


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DVDRip is the ripped file of the finally released version of DVD file. This is often released as a Pre-retail version and is of excellent quality. The DVDRips are released as mentioned earlier either in DivX/XviD or SVCD format. However, after lots of developments, a group of pirates started releasing high DVDRip qualities given the race of the film releases. The releases are mostly done in the form of AVI files, and they use the XviD code and if its audio, they follow the mp3 or AC3 format. Because of the high quality provided, these DVDRips replaced all the earlier formats, and whenever this version of the movie is released, it replaces all the previously circulated versions, and if the file is taken in a widescreen ratio, it is referred as a WSDVDRip format.


BluRay is nothing but the general optical disk embedded in the devices to store data in large amounts. Usually, these disks are required to store the 1080p files and now, even the 4k files which have an exuberant resolution of 4096*2160 which requires 25GB for a single layer and 50 for the dual. A BDRip is a file which is usually ripped from a BluRay disc. The various Rips of BluRay are further compressed based on their sizes and after that are converted to pirated formats like the .mkv or .avi.

BRRip and BDRip

Both the BRRip and BDRip has been on the market for quite a while. These two formats have been remarkable in the sense that they are compatible even to be played with the standalone DVD players that only support the DivX/XviD format, the PlayStation consoles, the XBox devices and other peripherals. The BRRip and BDRip files allow people to burn the BluRay ripped movies of HD quality on the regular DVD media, playback devices and even on the most conventional DVD players at home without facing the hassles of DVD authoring and re-encoding. However, there’s only one catch that you will need an HDTV to get the full of the superior quality.

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BRRip: A XviD encode, as it is released; this file is formed from the BluRay release, which is a 1080p file. A BRRip file looks better than the DVDRip file of the same size and somehow offers better quality as the encoders have the same material.

BDRip: This file is also the XviD encode directly ripped from the BluRay source disk. However, the downloaders have a misconception that both the BDRip and BRRip are same. If you have to differentiate, the BDRip file directly comes from the BluRay source, while the BRRip is actually encoded from the pre-release, usually from the 1080p version BDRip that has been extracted from another group. The BDRips are available in the regular DVDRip sizes ranging between 700-1.4 GB or in larger DVD5 and DVD9 formats which have a file size around 4.5 GB and more. Both of these releases are encoded either in Xvid or x264 versions.

A thing to know about BRRip and BDRip is that both fo them are way superior to the DVDRips and they are usually released in the 720p resolution as most of the standalone DivX players don’t support the files that have higher resolution than this. On the other hand, both of these formats should not be confused with the genuine BluRay Rips that are available in 1080p versions which are natively done on the original BluRay files or the H.264* files.


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