How To Cancel CBS ALL ACCESS Account Subscription?


CBS All Access is an online video streaming platform, similar to HULU, NETFLIX, and other online video streaming apps. The good part about this is that CBS gives you access to all popular series and games without a heavy subscription charge. You can do a 7-day free trial and if you wish to continue with its services, you can do so by subscribing it at a monthly cost of around $5.99 only. This subscription is not liable to any contract, so you can cancel the subscription if you don’t wish to continue using its services.

How To Cancel CBS ALL ACCESS Account Subscription?

Recently, the Star Trek Discovery nearly doubled the CBS all access subscription rates, all the more reason to cancel CBS all access subscription. So, how, do you go about canceling the CBS ALL ACCESS account? Here I will be illustrating easy steps that will help you cancel the subscription.

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Let’s get started.

Cancelling Directly From The Company

The first way to cancel; subscription is by directly going to the company’s website and then canceling your subscription. Apart from canceling your subscription, you can also modify and renew your CBS ALL ACCESS account form the website.

  • Click on this link and log in using your account details-
  • Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the home page; here you need to look for the CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION.
  • Once you find this button, click on it.
  • You will be directed to a page showing terms and conditions and asking you to confirm your decision.
  • Click on the confirm button.
  • You will be asked about the reason for cancellation, type your reason and press the enter button.
  • Again press confirm and you subscription stands canceled. If there is excess amount then you can access the videos for the paid period, post that your subscription stands canceled.

If you further wish to restart the services, you need to subscribe it again. One good reason for doing it is because you get all the movies/TV series in the best available video quality. Just for your information, have you ever thought what is the difference between various video quality like DVDRip/Bluray/HDRip? Well, I bet that’s interesting than you think.

Canceling CBS ALL ACCESS Account Subscription On iTunes & iPad

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On a Mac:

  • Log into your iTunes account
  • Go to your account option
  • You will be asked to enter the password, feed your password and select view my account
  • Go to the SETTING option and move to SUBSCRIPTION
  • Choose CBS ALL ACCESS and select Cancel Subscription

On an iPhone or iPad:

  • Similar to your Macbook, go to iTunes and App Store
  • Sign in using your Apple ID
  • Choose subscription and then further select CBS ALL ACCESS.
  • Select Cancel Subscription and you are good to go.

Cancelling CBS Subscription On Roku

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If you are a Roku user, you need to cancel your subscription by going to Roku Channel Store or website.

  • Move to Channel Store on the Roku Device
  • Choose the CBS ALL ACCESS from the list of channels and select manage subscription.
  • Once you choose this, you will have the option of canceling the subscription.

Cancelling CBS ALL ACCESS account subscription is an easy job and you just need to stick to the steps mentioned above. But, after using CBS all I can say is that once you have used it, you would not want to cancel the subscription.


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