How To Prevent Cell Standby Battery Drain?


Leaving to work with almost 100% of battery life, giving away almost 15% while commuting and returning home with hardly 5% of battery life, a journey which might be common for almost all been using a Smartphone. Smartphones are an awesome creation with so many built-in and downloadable features, but the existence of survival for the battery is something difficult to handle. The more we use our Smartphone, the sooner the battery drains, the sooner we are left out with no option.

Smartphones have become an evident part of our lives, a necessity that needs to be apparently available to all, without which half of our lives come to a halt. With such an emergence, losing the battery life is unaffordable. Hence comes this article for your rescue wherein you can save a good percentage of charge if followed.

prevent cell standby battery drain

Disable Unwanted Services To Increase Battery Life

There are certain services that run in the background and cannot be seen. There are many such apps which run in the background even if it is not used. Such apps need to be shut down for once so that it runs only when it is used otherwise it should not. Giving away your battery to such unwanted services that run in the background might eat away a lot of life and drain the battery to the core.

Disable Location Services

We have the location service running in the background like the GPS service. These services are also not mandatory as the location service generally runs app wise. For all the apps to run the locations in the background takes away a lot of charging and might lead to draining. Hence these location services might either be disabled or halted so that the same charge can be used for something useful.

Fixing Google Play Services

We all know that the Google play service drains out a lot of battery from the smartphones especially from the Galaxy S6 models. One needs to fix the Google play service in order to save the battery from draining,

  1. Go to Settings > Data Usage
  2. Scroll down to see the list of apps
  3. Press on Google Play Store
  4. Switch Toggle to Restrict background data
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for Google Play Services
  6. Hard-restart your Galaxy S (not to be confused with hard-reset) by holding the volume-down and power buttons and release once the device turns itself off
  7. Re-enable background data for Google Play Store and Google Play Services

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Boot Into Safe Mode & Reboot

Might sound a little weird but few users on Reddit have commented on the other ways that have helped them improve the battery life on their Samsung Galaxy S6.

  1. Power off your Galaxy S6
  2. Power ON the device and hold the volume-down key during the Samsung boot animation
  3. You will be shown a message that you are now in safe-mode
  4. To get out of safe-mode, simply restart your device

Fix Cell Standby By Disabling VoLTE

If your cell provider provides you with Voice over LTE calling (VoLTE), you are likely to see “Cell Standby” as one of the most battery draining apps in your battery stats. To fix this, just follow the below steps,

  1. Open your Phone app
  2. Press More > Settings
  3. Disable VoLTE

Uninstall Facebook Messenger

Many people have noticed a great battery life by uninstalling the Facebook messenger app in their Samsung Galaxy S6 mobiles. This formula not only works fine with Samsung but instead it is the same with almost all the android phones. The tested device shows 20% increase in battery life by uninstalling the messenger from the mobile.

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But uninstalling the app doesn’t mean that you would not be able to use the app instead we can look for other alternatives like using of messenger via Facebook’s mobile website. The messenger can be used then. In fact, we can also use one of the many 3rd party Facebook clients such as Metal and Folio.

Disable ‘Google Now’ and ‘Ok Google’ detection

If you are not using the voice over commands then the best possible way is to uninstall them or halt them so that the battery life is saved and not drained.

To disable the Google Now and the Ok Google features, just follow the below steps,

  1. Open the Google app on your device
  2. Slide the menu into view or tap the menu icon
  3. Select Settings
  4. Go to Now Cards and toggle Show cards OFF
  5. Now go back one step, go to Voice > OK Google detection
  6. Turn off all features (From Google app, From any screen)

If one follows these above steps, they can save the battery life up to 4 to 4.5 hours on screen rather than 3 to 3.5 hours on screen time. In many cases just following the above steps have gotten a better battery life with lesser drainage and more usable power.


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