How To Hack Clash Royale With Lucky Patcher [2018]

hack clash royale with lucky patcher

It seems like Supercell has hacked into the nerves of gamers as they keep on launching blockbuster games. Putting personal experience on record, it was just about time when I was about to get bored of Clash Of Clans when they launched Clash Royale. The game instantly struck a chord with my gaming instincts. Anyways, today we’re talking about Clash Royale hack using lucky patcher. Now I want you to hold on to this article until the last line as I promise that I’m going to bust some deep shit.

hack clash royale with lucky patcher

Is It Possible To Hack Clash Royale With Lucky Patcher?

It is sad that I’ve to be the one breaking the ice for you but, it is next to impossible to hack into the Supercell servers. Even if you manage to do that, Supercell would come to know about it and ban your account within seconds. So all the articles & videos on the internet which claim to teach you how you can hack clash royale with lucky patcher are an utter sham. They’re only trying to make money by bringing in huge traffic using click bait titles, just like me. But I have some moral values and hence I’ve revealed the truth before you barge in the comments that this doesn’t work. I’ll list down the method to hack clash royale below which you’ll find on most websites/videos. However, it won’t shift a needle in Clash Royale, leave behind hacking gold & gems.

How To Hack Clash Royale With Lucky Patcher?

Before we start, I need you to make sure that you’ve Lucky Patcher & Clash Royale latest version installed on your smartphone. Once you’ve got that, proceed with the below steps.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher.
  2. All the packages will be loaded when you open Lucky Patcher.
  3. The list will include all the apps & games that can be hacked with lucky patcher.
  4. Select Clash Royale from the list.
  5. From the submenu, select “Open Menu Of Patches”.
  6. Click on “Create Modified APK File”.
  7. Now select, “APK Rebuilt For InApp & LVL Emulation”.
  8. Finally, select “Rebuild App”.
  9. It will take a minute or two to execute.
  10. The patch results will appear, Click OK.
  11. Now exit lucky patcher and start Clash Royale.
  12. You should now be able to buy gold & gems without payment in Clash Royale.

Apparently, after executing the above procedure you can buy unlimited gold & gems in Clash Royale. Using unlimited gold & gems you can upgrade your cards, take part in tournaments as many times as you can and buy unlimited Chests. But, I seriously doubt the possibilities. On a serious note though, there’s no harm in giving it a shot. You might end up owning tonnes of gold & gems. And there are marketplaces where you can sell your account full of assets. You’re sure to get a good price. Anyways, good luck with that!


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