How To Configure Premiumize Debrid Service For KODI Krypton?


Debrid services are very popular among Kodi users and Premiumize is one of the top most choice. Not only the users of Premiumize get the regular features, which almost every debrid service offers, but also gives an access to perfect combo of VPN and torrent cloud. This makes it stand out from other debrid services and hence, a convenient choice. Including Prmeiumize, debrid services offer all the utilities which the users would otherwise have sign up for individually. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can configue Premiumize debrid service for KODI kyrpton (and above).

configure premiumize on kodi

Using Kodi, you can get access to number of HD Channels, for sure. But they’re all pirated sources and most likely not reliable. But with Premiumize debrid service you get even more HD Channels with a strong & durable support. You can expect a faster streaming, even at 1080p, which you might have never experienced before. I would, personally, recommend the Premiumize debrid service to all the regular users of Kodi. Now, let us proceed and discuss how users can configure Premiumize debrid service on Kodi.

Steps To Configure Premiumize Debrid Service On KODI

  1. Go to the Settings on Kodi Homescreen.
  2. Move to the System Settings Menu.
  3. In bottom left corner, move the cursor to Basic Settings.
  4. Keep clicking until it toggles to Advanced Settings.
  5. Now select the Add-Ons from Menu above.
  6. Click on Manage Dependencies.
  7. From the list, select URLresolver.
  8. Here, select Configure icon at the bottom.
  9. Go to the Universal Resolvers.
  10. Scroll until you find
  11. Once you find it, set Priority level from 100 to 98.
  12. Now click on Login to activate.
  13. On Customer ID, input your Customer ID.
  14. In PIN, input the PIN.
  15. Click on OK & save the Settings.

That’s it. From now on, KODI will automatically use the debrid services to enhance your experience by providing more HD sources for streaming & reducing the buffer time. I’m sure you will notice a considerable difference in your experience with KODI after using the debrid service. If you fail to follow the procedure for some reason, or face any issues during it, let us know we’ll surely help you out.


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