How To Do The Date Trick On GBA4iOS?

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GBA4iOS is made by Rileytestut and is an iOS emulator developed for Nintendo Game Boy Advance games. It is one of the most popular emulators for iPhone,iPad and iPod. There are a lot of different ways of installing the GBA4iOS app. Some of these are

  • side loading,
  • jailbreaking,
  • date trick sites,
  • developer accounts.

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The date trick was developed as a neat trick that allowed installation of old consoles emulators and other unapproved apps on iOS devices without having to necessarily jailbreak. The date trick for GBA4iOS or similar apps are gaining popular acceptance as it does not risk losing on software updates or support from Apple. Also, if you’re fed up trying everything then just wait for some more time. Apparently, the creator of GBA4iOS is going to launch new emulator “Delta”.

Date Trick On GBA4iOS

Step By Step Guide On How To Do The Date Trick On iOS

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  1. Go to on your preferred iOS device through the official site of the GBA4iOS and try to download it. The download shall fail.
  2. When the app download fails to install you shall see a gray icon.
  3. now, the date and time application in your setting is to be opened and the “set automatically” is to be turned off.
  4. By spinning the dial set the date to before 2012.
  5. Going back to the Home button, tap the gray icon. Now it shall install but not open as the verification for the enterprise certificate is to be used to sign the application.
  6. Now go to your “Profiles and Device Management” in the settings application. Try and verify the certificate, it will fail.
  7. Again back to the Date and Time in the settings application and set it to “set automatically”.
  8. Now go back to verify the certificate required.
  9. Once done, go back to date and time settings and set the date back to before 2012.
  10. Now open GBA4iOS.Ignore the pop-up messages.
  11. Go back to the date and time in the settings and set it to “set automatically”.
  12. Lastly, go back to the home button and double click it, and open the app in your app switcher.

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This is the simplest GBA4iOS working date trick available. This application cannot be opened normally as the certificate will be revoked. Thus, the application will no longer open like other usual applications. The only simple fix to this is that each time one restarts the device or close the app out of one’s app switcher; they have to download it once again. You are supposed to use this app at least once a day if you don’t want the device to close out of it. This date trick works on all firmware that is newer than iOS 9.2.1., though it cannot be used any more after iOS 8.1 is launched.

The new software will not allow this jailbreaking technique. The current version of GBA4iOS supports iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10. Apps like GBA4iOS are often available on third-party app stores. For Android users, aptoide is the most popular app store to download cracked apps. You can download aptoide lite apk to get a trial of aptoide.

If the GBA4iOS is not working out for some reason, then you could consider NDS4iOS as well. There are ample of sites to download NDS4iOS ROMs. Moreover, it wouldn’t be any less fun using NDS4iOS. Apart from allowing one to play Nintendo Game Boy games on your iPhone it offers certain other features too like- Multiplayer Support, Controller Skins, URL Scheme, GBC/GBA and GB Support, Drop box Support, Cheat Codes and Save States.


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