How To Download & Install Elvui?


Having a powerful and lightweight UI can improve the gaming experience and one such UI that you must use is the ElvUI. It’s a modular and lightweight User Interface. It’s a user-friendly UI which offers in game configuration menus to set up things. Another striking feature of the ElvUI is that it is highly customizable.

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Its an exclusive UI for World of Warcraft which enhances the players’ gaming experience by enabling them to upgrade, configure and customize their current version of World of Warcraft or WoW.

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download and install elvui legion

Steps To Download ElvUI

Now that we know so much about the ELv UI,  you must be wondering, how to download and install it. It’s not a rocket science to work on this, but, to simplify the work, I have mentioned the steps which will help in ELvUI download. For ElvUI download and install, you first have to go to the developer’s website and download the interface from the website. Once you are done with the download, you need to move the file to the “Add-ons” folder of WoW on your computer.

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How To Go Abou ElvUI Download & Installation

  • Downloading the ElvUI- Go to the and download the UI from here on your PC.
  • Once you land up on the page you will see two options – Elv UI and TukUI, go t the Elv UI and save the file. The file will get saved in the zip format.
  • GO to your desktop where the ELvUI file is downloaded and double click on the ElvUI .zip file to extract the contents.
  • Then you need to Open the “World of Warcraft” folder. This can be done by either using File Explorer in Windows or Finder if you are working on Mac OS X.
  • Once done with this step, you need to open the Interface folder and the open the Add-ons folder.
  • Now you need to move back to the desktop and search for the Elv UI and ElvUi_config files from the content extracted from the zip folder. Once you find the ElvUI and ElvUi_config file, copy it.
  • Now you need to paste these filed into the Add-ons folder of WoW that you had opened.
  • Now launch your WoW game and go to the character selection screen and choose Add-ons and followed by selecting the ElvUI.
  • Now select the option to start the game. You can follow the in-game instruction from the ElvUI while playing.

I hope this was helpful for you, let me know your experience be leaving a comment or feedback.


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