How To Download, Install & Use Pikik? [2017]


Well, if you love chatting and interacting, Kik messenger is the right app for you. This messaging app has been very popular and is free to use. Similar to other messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp it has many features which make you addicted to this app.

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download pikik apk

The Main Functions of Kik

  • One to one chatting
  • Send messages, videos, pictures, gifs, etc.
  • you can group chat with 49 other people
  • Anonymous Chatting facility
  • Promoted Chats allow users to follow and chat with different brands in music, entertainment and more. You can get to know about the promoted account by the green star which flashes next to their profile.

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Here we I will be discussing how to download Pikik , which is the Modded Kik. But, before proceeding ahead with its installation and use, I would like to tell that Pikik is the Modded Kik which is an unauthorized version of Kik Messenger that has been tweaked a bit. This change doesn’t mean a change to your Kik message it often runs simultaneously with Kik messenger. A modded Kik like Pikik makes use of the Kik Messenger network to send and receive its messages and you can use the same username that was used while you used the Kik messenger.

The 5 Most Popular Kik Mods

  • Pikek
  • Ghost kik
  • Pikik2
  • Matrik
  • Nullkik

How To Install Pikik?

Well, the installation of the app is not a rocket science. All you need to do is go to the Google playstore, if you are using Android or App Store if you are using iPhone. Search for the app and download it. It has already been mentioned above that you can use the network of Kik messenger to continue messaging on the Pikik.

How To Use Pikik?

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Well, since it’s an extension or you can say a modification of Kik messenger, it has many features similar to that of Kik but some of the most striking features which have made me its great fan include the following :

  • You can change the font size and start texting
  • You also get the option to go to settings and change the shape of the incoming and outgoing message bubble to semi-round, circle, rectangle.
  • Pikik also allows you to enable or disable while you are reading, writing or forwarding a message.

Once you have downloaded the Pikik you can login with the same registration id that you have used in Kik and continue chatting. You can to setting sections and change the setting of messenger as you desire.

So, don’t wait any further, install the app and drop your comments below about your experience.


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