5 Killer Ways To Search For People On Facebook Without Logging In

search for people on facebook without logging in

The idea of Facebook was implanted in the world to grow the tree of modern social networking platform. Since it’s birth, Facebook has established a user base of more than 1.4 billion on it’s social networking platform. It has also transformed into one of the best search engine for people all around the world. Being a registered user at Facebook will get you lots of power already, as you can search for any member, groups, photos or posts on Facebook provided they’re under public access. Due to privacy & legal aspects, anyone using Internet without being a registered member on Facebook, cannot access them.

search for people on facebook without logging in

But, there are some really simple ways which can help you search for people on Facebook without logging in. However, I do no recommend the readers to use them for stalking people on Facebook or carry out any other activity in bad light. These methods are entirely for knowledge purpose so that you realize that how your identity can easily be exposed to anyone in the world.

Method #1 : Facebook People Search

Now, this is not even a trick. This is a legit feature made available by Facebook itself which can be used by anyone without logging in. If you have a name for the person you’re searching for, simply put it in the search box and hit the search button. Facebook will list down some profiles matching with the name. Since there might be many people with the same name on Facebook, you can narrow down your search by appending the name of city, the person lives in or the organization he/she works for, etc.

Method #2 : Google

I won’t argue about how Google is above any search engine that has ever lived on the internet. But you can search for members of Facebook on Google too. And I bet you haven’t used Google in a technical manner to laser target what you’re looking for. Let me give you an example.

If you’re looking for a person named ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ on Facebook simply write this query in Google search, “site:facebook.com Mark Zuckerberg”. Now just change the name from Mark Zuckerberg to the one you’re looking for.

Method #3: Facebook Directory

The Facebook Directory might not be able to serve your exact request. Since it’s a directory, like Yellow Pages, it has all the profiles sorted alphabetically and I bet you’ll loose your mind if you spend some time figuring out how deep this directory is. Not all the profiles listed in directory would be accessible since many of them are private. But you can surely find interesting pages if you wish as all of them are public.

Method #4: Social Searcher

Social Searcher is an exciting search engine which will definitely simplify your hunt. All you have to do is search for the name of person you’re looking for. And Social Searcher will, along with Facebook profile, pull out the recent activity of people matching with the name from near to 10 different social platforms. This tool can even be used by organizations or companies to find out what people are talking about their product/services.

Method #5: Using Browser AddOns

Apart from the above methods, there are few browser add-ons which can respond to your search request for people. Most of them work in the similar manner. All you gotta do is enter the name of person & the addon will try to retrieve the social profiles for them. Now I’m not going to explain the addons in detail. You can search of the add-ons listed below and try them out yourself. You can even spend some time checking out new add-ons which might have launched recently with the same purpose.

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  1. Facebook All-In-One Internet Search
  2. People Search Engine

Apparently, due to growing concerns over privacy, Facebook is trying to restrict all kinds of public access to users by empowering them with the option to keep their profile private. However, not many people realize the gravity of their identity being public and do not care to keep their social profiles private. Profiles of those people can be easily accessed by using above methods by anyone in the world. So make sure that you take charge of your online privacy now!


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