Fortnight Not Working On Xbox One & PS4 [Serve Issues]

fotnight not working on xbox one ps4

Are you also looking for a solution for fortnite which is not working from past few hours???  Fortnite which is one of the favourite battle game of the players around the globe is facing severe problems from last two days. Firstly, they made changes to their system and rolled out v3.5 which was having Neon weapons, and four new Cyberpunk heroes as well. But their happiness didn’t last long, and their servers crashed. On 11th April, It was reported that the servers are down worldwide and Epic Games has confirmed it through their twitter handle. Recently, the fortnight week 7 challenge also faced issues which led the players complaining about the game.

fotnight not working on xbox one ps4

The reason behind this downtime is ‘Emergency Maintenance” which caused players all over the world to suffer. Because of inability to login into their games, players all over the world tweeted about this, and Epic Games quickly took action accordingly.

It was first reported on 11th April that players are facing login issue on which epic games responded and started investigating the cause of it. Upon the identification of the cause, they applied new updates which were not too much success. After monitoring for some more hours, they concluded that their servers were not working correctly and they have made necessary changes to improve them.

Currently, everything seems fine to them, and they have now officially announced the downtime in their twitter account on 12th April by tweeting “We’ll be undergoing emergency downtime to deploy major upgrades to our database systems.”. As per the reports from the players, website, forums, chats, matchmaking, and messaging are correctly working, but game service and login is still not working.

According to some experts, this is caused because of the v3.5 patch which was poorly applied on 11 April. Due to some glitch in v3.5, servers crashed, and fortnite had to face such unfortunate consequences. More details will be served on our website as well as on, so make sure you stay in touch with one of them.


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