Fortnite Week 7 Challenges Not Working [Issue]

fortnite week 7 challenge not working

Fortnite is running hot favorite in the gamer’s list since it’s release. However, the recent Fortnite Week 7 Challenge seem to have run into some problem. Many players have reported that they’re unable to unlock the week 7 challenge. The game developer, EPIC, has personally accepted this fact and given a statement that they’re working to resolve the issue.

fortnite week 7 challenge not working

Players have also shared some trivial issues on the thread shared by EPIC. Players claim that upon building, they fail to pull out the gun and that they’ve to roll back their axe to fix and then pull out the gun to fix it. Another player claimed that pulling out the build menu helped fixing the issue.

These are even issues which get triggered by some action since players have reported that these errors occur randomly during the gameplay. All we can do is to hope that EPIC gets rid of these errors as soon as possible and enable the players to get back to the battle royale.


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