How To Get Session ID Token For Minecraft?


Minecraft is a popular video game created and designed by Swedish game designer Markus Notch Persson. Later, Mojang fully developed this game. The game asks the player to build constructions out of textured cubes. The game takes you into a completely different world and is definitely the one which will glue you to your seat and screen for long.

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how to get session id token for minecraft

However, many times you would have noticed the session expiration or invalid session. I love gaming and getting deterred by such obstacles are really not my way. So I decided to come up with this hack that will help you get session token ID which will help you enjoy this game seamlessly.

So, let’s get started

To get session ID for Minecraft, you would need Session Stealer. This allows you to temporarily steal the ID of another Minecraft player. You can use this ID either to hack into the account of the server or you can also use it as an alternative account. Rember stealing the session will not allow you to change the password of the account or skin of the game. It will only offer you an extended session.

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The stolen session remains valid unless the owner of the account invalidates it or replaces it with a new session.

Where to find the session ID Token – now that you know that you need a new session ID to kick start the game, the next big question that pops up is where to find it.  Well, you can get it at Minecraft launcher logs but not the crash logs. Remember you need launcher logs.

Once you have deciphered this log, you must look for the following line:

 ( Session ID is token:1337535510N:ff985c535bce3d1a964e9543e22b349f)

You need to copy this token ID and paste it in the Id of the stealer session, followed by pressing Steam Session button. If the token is valid, you can proceed and if not you need to search for another one.

There can be two reasons for invalidation of the session ID:

  • The token as expired
  • You have wrongly copied and pasted the token. Recheck in this case and if you still get an invalid session, you must start looking for another one.

Use of Session Stealer to get an alternate session ID token

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If you are not able to fetch the premium alts, the session stealer is the best way to get the alternative session. All you need is Minecraft logs on the internet and use the token ID as explained above.

You can fetch logs on, and the Mojang Bug Tracker, but, the best place that suits me the best is Google. Type “Session id is token” (make sure you use the codes), and you will find a number of logs displayed on your screen.

Make sure that while searching you keep the following parameters in consideration to get valid session ID token

  • All logs posted in the last 24 hours
  • All logs posted in the last 7 days
  • All logs posted in the last 30 days

This has worked for me a number of times, although, this requires effort in searching but the fun of this game is worth this effort. Hope this helps you and don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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