How Long Have You Played League Of Legends? [Check NOW]


Riot has, undoubtedly, failed in tracking player stats when it comes to League Of Legends. One can’t even check how long one has played league of legends. Since there are so many crazy fans of the game, I fell it would be an interesting thing to add for players, where they could get insights on their stats. If any of the in-house guy/girl is listening, please implement it in the next update. I bet you’ll see a sharp increase in satisfaction quotient of your customers. Anyways, let’s get to the moot point of this article. How to check the total time that you’ve spent playing league of legends?

Officially, there’s no tool which can give you the answer. However, there’s a website which can estimate precisely the amount of time you’ve invested playing league of legends. As offensive, and funny at the same time, as it may sound, the name of this website is “Wasted On LOL”. For those who feel offended, can find the developers of the website and give them a peace of mind later. But here’s how the website works.

All you have to do is punch in your Summoner name, select the region and that’s it. The website will calculate an estimated amount of time that you must have spent playing League Of Legends. After checking reviews, I’ve come to a conclusion that “Wasted On LOL” is quite precise and you’re most likely to get a good estimate to rely upon. According to the website, the average time spent by all players in word playing League Of Legends, is 1 hour. There as many as 8.1 million active players who are mad over League Of Legends. So you can imagine how many people simultaneously play League Of Legends.

To check your stats on League Of Legends, head over to Wasted On LOL.


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