Is G2A Safe? How Does G2A Work?


What Is G2A?

What exactly is G2A, if you ask? It’s an online marketplace used for game keys along with acting as a PSN credit and Xbox Live. But that’s the thing with these market places; we don’t know if they are legit or a scam. Whenever you come across a website offering you heavy discounts on activation keys for various software, as a human, we tend to be suspicious easily. In today’s age, it is tricky to tell whether it is a scam or a legitimate business and many people keep on asking if it’s really safe to buy games or resources on

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So, is really G2A safe? Let’s answer that. If you are looking for places where you want to pick up PC games, this is one of the best places where you can find the best of the games. Before we talk about the reliability of G2A, they have recently added few extra steps to prevent the fraudulent activities. Sellers before purchasing the games have to verify with phone numbers, details of the social media and the transactions are limited to 10 for every month in order to provide extra verification. This is to prevent the dodgy sellers who try to allure and scam buyers with game codes, that doesn’t work. G2A has been a subject of huge controversy for a while, but now it became an assured source.

is g2a safe

How Does G2A Work?

How does G2A exactly work? It is just a game website like eBay or Gumtree which brings the buyers and sellers at a place, more like an eCommerce website that deals with games only. It gives you the gray market keys for the PC games and also the activation codes for Xbox and PS by giving you live credits as well as software codes. To be exact, G2A doesn’t own or sell any of these codes. It is a market place where people can sell the game codes that are available in the contemporary market. After buying the key from G2A, wait for the key to being emailed to you and then head to the gaming platforms like Steam, Ubisoft Uplay. After visiting these sites, log in using the details and select the options there to activate the game.

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As you get the key in the mail, you can pass the key in the given area and download the game files from different servers. But, if how are you getting these codes for a lower price, if you ask? The answer lies in the varying prices of the games, which differ country to country based on the average salaries. The sellers of the game keys tend to purchase the activation codes in the cheapest countries with the sole aim to sell them in the expensive countries. This will give them a profit, even when the activation codes are sold at a discount while the gamers can save money on the usual price. is the corporate site of the company which explains the business model of it, in detail. It was initially put forth by a group of individuals in Hong Kong. All of them are game enthusiasts with the motive of providing digital game licenses and also retail services to the customers and partners as well. Unlike few companies which keep everything secretive, G2A is even happy to publish the addresses and phone numbers right away. The keys that are offered on the platform by the sellers can be either by individuals who have purchased the game but did not activate it with the key for their own reasons or the businesses which sell the keys in bulk.

Features Of G2A

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A thing about G2A is that it adds an automatic shield to the shopping cart during the purchase process which acts as an insurance against the nonfunctional keys. This shield costs around 70P. However, if you don’t want to pay it on the ground saying that the keys should be legitimate in the first place, it’s up to you. But with this shield, you will have a guaranteed replacement or a refund but there are few cases where the customers are refused the refund. Coming back to the question if G2A is legal or not, well it depends on the region in which you’re buying the code. Usually, you will find a global option with the key, but if there’s not, you need to make sure that the key works in your region as you won’t be given a refund if you have mistakenly purchased Russian key, but you live in the UK.

The process of buying a key from G2A is easy and indeed fast. After checking out and paying the amount, we will be directed to a confirmation screen that has an indicator showing the processing status with a countdown timer. As soon as the indicator turns green from orange, you can see a link that invites us to get the key. More often than not, these things tend to be too good, but G2A usually helps in a large bargain and allows you to buy keys with great discounts.  If you’re happy to take a little risk, you can save a lot of money. That being said, G2A is a functional and feasible website for someone who’s obsessed with spending a lot of money on games and given the right kind of purchase knowing the factors, it will help you in having double folded fun.


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