How To Join Anonymous Hacktivist Group?

join anonymous hacktivist group

‘Anonymous’ is quite popular and doesn’t need any introduction. This group consists of hackers without name and face being on the front of online revolution ever since its inception in 2003. Their main motto was fight off all the evils that internet brings, in any form, including the corporate sectors.

Anonymous is one of the most successful hacker groups because of a couple of reasons. It doesn’t have a central leadership, and there is no hierarchy in the group. This, along with its different activities made it prominent in 2008, and it continues to grow.

join anonymous hacktivist group

How To Join Anonymous?

Well, if you are looking to join a group of hacking enthusiastic named ‘Anonymous’, you are mistaken and there is no hope for you. This is not because you are not welcome or you don’t have the skills for that, but because it is not a club or a party or movement. In fact, it doesn’t even contain any manifest, charter or membership.

However, this does not mean that you cannot join Anonymous. You can definitely join Anonymous if you believe in the common goals of Anonymous and want to change the world for the better, especially the world that you are living in.

In fact, there’s a video from Anonymous, which explains how you can get in touch with others who share the same ideology as yours, i.e. are part of Anonymous.  It also tells you how to protect your identity and your privacy.

Some of the most common tips include using a completely separate browser for tasks related to Anonymous, and creating new accounts for your Anonymous pseudonym on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Anonymous India & Its Activities

Ever since its popularity in 2008, Anonymous had its target in India. Anonymous India has fought against several issues like web censorship, where the government of India used the tech tycoons like Google, Yahoo and Facebook to curb the news. When it was not resolved mutually, the matter went to court for Indian judiciary to decide on it.

In the recent years, when Reliance communications had blocked several websites to stop internet piracy, they were taken care of by Anonymous India. Since then, some of the government websites have been hacked, along with websites of political parties like Trinamool Congress and BJP.

Beginning as an online meme, Anonymous has been transformed into an ideology, which takes on anyone who threatens a free internet. It can be said that hacking websites and disrupting the order of things for the wrong doers is one thing, but organizing on – ground protest groups is another matter.

Anonymous India is gearing up towards fighting against all internet evil in India, and if you want, you can be a part of it. Remember, you won’t get anything out of this. No name, fame, or money will be there for you. Only thing you’d find is a happiness at your own success and curbing the evil that is growing in the society. Are you ready for it?


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