Download/Install Kissanime on Kodi [2018]

kissanime kodi

Kissanime, a popular platform to find all the latest anime, is available on Kodi. Anime are getting their apt place, as per viewership goes, and it is a pleasing site. Now we have an easy access to the all the latest episodes with the additional features of using Kodi, is it not alluring? 

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kissanime kodi

Kissanime Kodi Addon

Kissanime has a great collection of anime from different genres to take you on the journey you can connect to. From the yesteryear classics to the latest hot series, Kissanime Kodi addon is well organized. You can find the anime of your choice and also search for new ones based on Popularity, Genre, Date and more. More can be achieved with the Kodi features. Apart from Kissanime Kodi, anime streaming sites are also a good place to stream anime. 

How To Download & Install Kissanime Kodi Addon?

To make things clear, this addon is not supported by Kodi though it is available for download as stated in the below instructions.


  • So, we first download (here) Superrepo Kodi addon, which facilitates the procurement of almost all categories of addons.
  • Open Kodi and select ‘Addons’ option from the menu.
  • In the ‘Addons’ option, choose ‘Install from Zipfile’.
  • Now choose the Superrepo file from your device and install it; wait until you get the add-on enabled notification.
  • Once done, go to add-on option in the menu again and proceed to install from repository.
  • Find the Superrepo add-on repository and select it and choose the option ‘Add-On Repository’.
  • Here, you will find all the add-ons available in this repository; Search and select ‘Anime Add-On’.
  • Next, you will see a list of Anime channel’ and their respective Add-Ons, find and select ‘Kissanime Kodi Add-On’ here.
  • Once you select, install it on your latest Kodi and wait for ‘Add-On enabled’ notification.
  • Once you get this notification, you are ready to surf and watch the anime you feel like indulging into.


(For a video tour for installing Kissanime Kodi Add-On, click here)

Once installed, it will be your portal into the realm of anime. You will find different lists to choose the anime from and also with an option to search for a specific anime.

Error Installing Or Running Kissanime Kodi Add-On

This usually occurs when the Kissanime Add-on client is out-of-date. Either you can check the ‘auto update’ option for Kissanime Kodi Add-On or just manually update it to the latest version.

If your problem is still not solved, then do let us know and we will help to let you access what you desire.

Download Kissanime APK For Android

For the massively growing android population in the world, there is also an equally fast growing number of anime lovers. So, it is appropriate that we cater to their needs. And what better way to cater to the needs of anime lovers, other than giving them a Kissanime android apk installation guide.

Important Features Of The Kissanime Android APK


  • Both the links provided below for the apk are totally free of virus and malware.
  • It is easy to use and has a whole wide range of anime from the old to the fresh buns.
  • Ad free, so you can watch your choice of anime uninterrupted.
  • The app requires minimal permissions and you do not need to worry about your personal information being sneaked to unknown servers.


Download and install Kissanime on Android


  • Go to the settings, then security and check on the box saying, ‘download from untrusted sources’.
  • Click on this link and proceed or click here.
  • Download the apk, wait for the notification intimidating the completion of download.
  • Open the notification and install the app.


In A Nutshell

The Kissanime app and Kodi add-on are a saviour for many. It is a great relief that Kissanime is available on the modern devices and platform and is safe to visit. Though these are not available directly available on the official platform, it sure won’t be stopping us from using them. Why? Well, it is all mentioned above.

Let us know if you would like to know more on such tender and important topics and also if you are facing errors in the instructions mentioned above. Have a great anime marathon now! Go!


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