How To Make A Shirt On Roblox? [2017]


Roblox is a game that is played online where the player can not only play the existing games created by other players but can also create games for others. The Avatars of the game can be fully customised with different skin, clothes, hats etc. People buy from the various available customizations made by the other players.

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Take a look at the step by step process to know how to create a shirt for the Avatars of the game:

(What is a must here is to have a builder’s club membership to have your exclusive designs uploaded for others and if you are a really passionate Roblox shirt maker, then you can also sell your shirt)

How to make a shirt on roblox?

Steps To Create A Shirt On Roblox

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  1. Go to the develop option which you will find on the top left corner of the game screen page and click onto it as the first step to creating your own shirt
  2. On clicking this you will find the Roblox Shirt Template opening
  3. You will now find the option that asks for “Build New”. Click on that and go to shirts. You will find the option as you look down the list for a few seconds.
  4. After you have done this take an eye to the right of your tab saying “create new”, you will find a hyperlink saying download it here. Click on that and it opens up in a new tab with the required template picture.
  5. Now all you need to do is to save the template on the newly opened tab to your device. For this simply right click on the template and look for the option for saving and then just by clicking on it save it to your desired location on the computer.
  6. Now browse through a few sites and get downloaded an editing program. There are a lot of free programs for editing available online. Just choose any one of them. Say Paint.Net
  • While you download the program make sure that you scroll down until you find the download option that has a little designs over it. Make sure that you do not download any of the ads that calls for a download. This is a very common problem that most people tend to do.
  • After getting it downloaded and opening it, go to the option called ”file” and then go to the open option and then look for the template that you have downloaded. Browse through the device and get to the location where you have saved the template.
  • Now delete all the words and background writing from the template by clicking on the rectangular tool that you will find on the toolbar of the program. A simple selection of the areas that require to be deleted and then simply using Ctrl X can do the job.
  • Now use the magic wand tool to remove the background as well.
  • Now use the bucket tool and colour the areas that are in multi- colour and bring it to one colour of your choice. If you cannot get all the areas painted with the bucket use the brush tool as the second option.
  • Now go to the options called layers and add a layer, a new layer, to the image.
  • Now go to google and on the address bar type tumbler images to find images for the background. Choose a suitable image from the options that open up.
  • Now copy the image from the google by pressing Ctrl c and then go to the editing program and press Ctrl v there and you image will get pasted.
  • Now adjust the background as you wish to do.
  • Now simply move the layer window and you will find that your image now has beautiful background of your choice.
  • Keep adding images and texts in the background as much as you want to. Just make sure that every time you add a new picture or text always put it on a new layer. This will remove any sort of confusion.

All That You Need Is To Upload It:

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  • Follow the first step as mentioned above in point 1.
  • Now instead of choosing the option to download the template, choose the option that asks to upload the template created.
  • Now choose the file from the location where you have saved it after editing.
  • Now give your shirt some really wonderful and catchy name as required in the field asking to name the template.
  • After you are done finding and naming it, as a last step, now simply click on the upload option and get the template uploaded.

You can also put up an ad after paying a sum if you wish to sell off your template. Simply create and upload the ad, the tools of which can be easily found with the Roblox. Then bid a price. The ad is automatically withdrawn after showing up for 24 hours.


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