How To Make Steam Download Faster?


3 Ways To Increase The Speed Of Steam Downloader

If you are a gaming fan, you would be well-versed with Steam. It is a multi-player platform which is used to distribute games online.  The best part about the steam downloader is that it provides the user with the installation and automatic management of software across various computers; it also has community features like friend lists and in-game voice chat. All-in-all it is a perfect platform to play and interact.

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How To Make Steam Download Faster?

Key features of steam downloader

  • Instant Access to Games
  • Browse games
  • Join the Community
  • Create and Share Content
  • Irrespective of the type of mode you are using, PC, mobile, TV, Linux, this downloader will work smoothly on all platforms.

Well, this works perfectly well for the gaming freaks like me , however, the major issue with this browser and downloader is that when you click a link or want to navigate to the next page, it takes a lot more time than it should actually be taking and there is a delay in the appearance of the next page .

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I had been witnessing these issues with the speed at which this downloader works but that’s to Google and a bit of my techy brain, I have figured out three ways to make the steam downloaded run and function faster.

Speeding the steam browser

The first way to make your steam browser work faster to speed it up and this can be done by:

  • Going to the windows keys and search for the Internet Options and click on the Internet Options shortcut.
  • Here you need to switch on the Connections tab and click on the LAN setting button. Here you need to disable the, “Automatically detect settings” check box and click OK and save it.

Changing the server

  • Steam has been designed to automatically pick up the default settings, thus, you need to change it. Open the Steam’s setting by clicking the “Steam” menu and then choosing the “Setting” option.
  • Once you go to the setting, you need to switch the Download tab and select the closest download server from the Download region.
  • You can also restart the Steam if your download speed increases after changing the setting. However, it may happen the closest server near you is not as fast as expected, then you can shift to another server which is far but strong.

SSD or Solid State Drive

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this is yet another way to increase the speed of the game and steam as well.  Steam allows you to move your Steam folder which initially lies at C:\Program Files \Steam\Steam by Default to another drive. Once you have moved it to another folder, you can launch the downloader just like any other.

It also allows you to configure multiple game library folder. What you can do is set up the Steam library folder on an SSD(larger drive) and install all your frequently played game here. Steam also allows you to configure multiple game library folders.

Here is how you go about it:

  • Library Folder>Steam>Settngs>Downlaod>Steam Library Folders> Add Library Folder
  • And here you create a new game library on another hard drive.


These tricks have worked for me and I hope you would find one of these tricks work for you and will let you enjoy the gaming experience at high speed. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestion below.


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