Movie HD No Connection | How To Fix?


Well, if you are a movie stalwart, I’m sure you would love films and when all this available on your phone, the joy just doubles. Movie HD and Sky HD connections are the popular apps which I had been using and I must say that they are great. However, I have noticed a “movie hd no connection error retry” after using this app for some time. If you have used this app, I’m sure you would have experienced an error in connection while using this app. So, here I have figured out certain tricks that have helped me solve the issue, and will also help you do the same.

Let’s get started with the trick.

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Movie HD No Connection Error

Devices Compatible With The Solution

A very simple reason why the streaming apps throw errors is that they are not compatible with the app. The movie hd no connection retry error could also occur due to this. So, it is only appropriate that users check the list below and check if their device is compatible or not.

  • Android phones( Sony, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, MicroMax, HTC)
  • iPhone – 5, 5s,5C, 6,6S,6S Plus
  • iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air,iPod Touch
  • iOS version 9.2, 9.1,8.4,8.3 and 9
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Windows 10 and Windows 8
  • Kodi
  • Mac laptop and PC

Just for the record, we all know that the Movie HD app is a product of piracy. Hence, if you ever wish to move on to the paid streaming services, do not forget to check out these premium apps for streaming movies.

How To Fix No Connection Error On Movie HD?

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This problem usually surfaces when the movies are recently posted to the server. but, you don’t have to worry, these two movie hd no connection fixes will help to solve your problem. If by any chance you’d interested in movie streaming sites, then movie4u could be a great pick.

#1 Steps To Fix Movie HD No Connection Error

  • Once you get the notification about the non-functioning of the app or error in connection, you must close down the app.
  • Now you need to go to the settings of your phone or laptop or PC and close the Wi-Fi connection and switch on the Airplane mode.
  • Now go to the Movie HD App or Sky HD App and open it followed by turning on the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your app should be working fine now.

#2 Alternative Trick If The Above One Fails

  • You need to install the Movie HD App or Sky HD from an external installer, MFTInstaller.
  • Next, you need to download the MFT Installer
  • Now search the Movie HD App or Sky HD App in the MFT Installer, followed by installing it.
  • Now your app should be working fine without showing any connection error or error in Wi-Fi connection.

#3 Latest Fix For Movie HD No Connection

  1. Close the movie hd app.
  2. Open Facebook & login to your account.
  3. Do not close the browser also do not use the Facebook app, use browser.
  4. Now open movie HD app again.
  5. The videos should start playing.

With these tricks, I’m sure you would be able to fix the errors. Drop your comments and let me know if this trick worked for you and let me know if you still faced any issues.


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