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Offliberty downloader has been one of those channels which make the videos, readily available for you. This channel is comfortable to use, given the way it allows to download the audio and video, easily. Once you have downloaded the videos, you will have the liberty to turn the internet off and retain your favorite videos and thus the name offliberty. As of late, with many numbers of software being developed every day, it is hard to trust one who doesn’t contain any malware. One day, you see a particular software being the leading download tool and the next day, the software is noticed to be shut down.

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offliberty download youtube videos

Offliberty – Evidence Of Offline Life

This is because that someone has sued the developer of the software and they have to shut the site down or if someone has offered a lump sum in order to buy the site. Nevertheless, it’s not available anymore. There’s a myriad of video downloading websites forming because of this constant purchase and selling of the sites and software as they get easily purchased by the bigger fish only to shut them down. Also, there’s a high possibility that any of your favorite software all of a sudden becomes a pay-for software. Sites are like free spirits, they tend to disappear and reappear often, but the software is like monsters. One can’t eradicate the traces of them and shut them quietly off. With such havoc going on, is one of those predominant video downloading software brought to you to download YouTube Music & Videos.

Initially, when Offliberty music downloader was launched, it used to have around 10-15 visits per day and now, the per day visits have been ten folded. They have recently employed a cloud containing 50 servers and as the popularity is growing, the software is being compatible with many sites and formats. Here’s how you have to download YouTube Music & Video through Offliberty.

Downloading YouTube Music & Video through Offliberty

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  1. Visit the official website of before you actually start the downloading. Familiarize yourself with all the features of the site by checking the features of the site. You will find a link saying “First time here.” Click on it and see how they have tried to justify their services.
  2. If you are living in the grid where the internet connectivity is very less and where you can’t use the internet for more than an hour in a day, Offliberty is for you.
  3. At least that’s what the site says. Designed for people who are devoid of the cheaper and faster internet, Offliberty is existing and persisting in providing audio and videos to people with the lowest access.
  4. Boiling down to the fact where we can’t stream the video from an online source and still want to watch the video, Offliberty is the way to watch your favorite video. They only exist to facilitate you with the sources.
  5. Once you have acquainted yourself with the website, you can come back to the home page. It contains few social links on the top and ads on the bottom.
  6. Enter the URL of the video or the audio that you are looking to download from here and wait for the source to be loaded. Once it is loaded, go to the OFF button and click it to turn the internet off.
  7. As you have done it, you might be amused if the download will really happen. The functioning of Offliberty starts here and it is equally interesting to know how it works. Offliberty starts with scanning the home page in which you have entered the source of the audio or the video.
  8. It will either handle the source or directly goes to the other screen. In case if it is capable of downloading, you will see the redirection, and if it can’t, it will let you know that it can’t take care of the link. When the later thing happens, you can either notify this issue to them and wait for them to extract the audio/video that you want.
  9. The site is being regularly maintained, and whenever new video sources are added, they will be studied by the developer and then are skillfully extracted through ripping. Once the ripping is done, you will receive a notification through email.
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  11. If at all your source can’t be processed even after the request through the normal process, you will be asked to download a plugin in order to avail the video.
  12. And once the link is processed, the motherboard animation logo will indicate it to you as soon as the media source is extracted and the download is prepared. Depending on the size of the desired media, you will either have the file right away or either have it through a delayed period, which will be appeared on the next screen.
  13. Here, by right clicking on the yellow box which is available, you can download the video in different formats. A short link is also given for the download which can works for few hours in case if you want to download it later or doesn’t want to download it all. But this link will only give you the file in MP3 format, then what about the video? To get the video file, you can proceed to next step by clicking on “I want the Video File” located below the Yellow box.
  14. After being redirected, right click on the yellow box again and select the button saying, “Save link as” in order to download the video to your device.

Sites like Offliberty are really useful for people who like to keep everything like videos and music in their storage devices.


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