What Is PKHex? How To Download & Install PKHex?


I am a lover of Pokemon and somehow it gives wings to many fantasies of creating new Pokemon and exploring the unexplored world. Well, I have found out many things out of which PKHex is a great stuff, it lets you create your own Pokemon and enjoy the world of the game which is created by your mons. Although PKHex download is not a rocket science, you need to have certain things handy with you before creating your own Pokemon. In this blog, I have tried to highlight all the steps that will help you successfully download PKHex but before PKHex download, you need to understand what is PKHex?

What Is PKHex? How To Download & Install PKHex?

What is PKHex?

It is a save editor. It lets you create your own Pokemon and enjoy the game created by you. It is a program written by Kaphotics and is used for creating new Pokemon and editing saves.

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So what all you need for PKHex download? here are the following steps that will help you create your own Pokemon, but it would require some prior work which needs to be done, to go ahead, you need to do the following steps:

What you will need:

  • A PC with SD card reader or if you are using the new 3DS, then you need a Micro SD
  • A 3DS

Step 1 —The first step is to download the PxHex. To download PxHex, you need a good internet connection and once you are connected, click on this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BywQvBgV_2ijUTBFZ2h3VE1qT0U/view.

Then go to soundhax.com.

A window will open after this, where you need to select your region, followed by selecting the console that you have, for example, I have the new3DS so, I will select this and further, I will click on the Dowlaod M4A.

Now you need to go to 3DS Homebrew website. You can go there by clicking on the following link – http://smealum.github.io/3ds/.

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Once you will click on the link, you need to go to the, “Preparing your SD card” window where you will see the link for homebrew starter kit. For the PKHex to run, you need the boot,3dsx file placed at the root of your SD card. And you would also need the 3ds/ which contains all the homebrew applications. In simple words, you are launching homebrew using this kit. https://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/starter.zip  this link will take you to the website from where you can get the homebrew file. Usually, it is in the zipped form, so you need to extract this and place it at the root of your SD card.

Once you have downloaded the homebrew starter kit, next you need to click on this link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/6vwld0sg4pkkvcp/save_manager.7z This will allow you to download the save manager which will be helpful later to save the changes you make in the game.

Once you are done with the download, now you need to connect the SD card to your desktop and copy the entire download file to the root of the SD card. In case you are using new3DS, you need to use the Micro SD management system from the system settings.

Once you have copied all this, you need to open the save manager folder and copy the save_manager folder to the 3DS folder which is there on the SD card.

Then create the following folder on the SD card saveDataBackup

Step 2: Browserhax- Next step is to install the homebrew for which you need to scan the QR code. Click on this link http://yls8.mtheall.com/3dsbrowserhax.php to get the QR code.

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To scan the code, you need to press the L and r button of your console at the same time and then scan the code. Post this, the console should boot into the homebrew launcher.

Step 3: Menuhax – to launch Menuhax, you need to press L button of the console while it is booting.

Once you have successfully launched the Broserhax, you are on the homebrew launcher, scroll down and you can see menuhax_manager_3.0. Launch that, and install it by pressing A, on install.

Quit that manager by pressing B, reboot to the main menu by pressing start+A, open System Settings, press close, then HOLD L as soon as you quit System Settings.

Step 4: PKHeX

If you love playing Pokemon, then this is a must for you. PKHex helps you create new Pokemon and also edit it. You can save it and later play your own created games. However, you must understand that there are some rules that you must stick to while creating Pokemon.

Here I will be highlighting a few steps that will help you download PKHex. To download this, you need to click on the following link –


If you had quit the homebrew launcher, you need to launch it again and search for the save_

manager. Launch it and select the Pokemon game which you want to edit. Once it is successfully launched, you need to press A button to backup the saved changed. Then press X to exit.

After this, connect your SD card with adapter or in case you are using new 3DS then use MicroSD management

One PKHex and go to the SD card and if you are using the MicroSD go to the Network.

Here you need to open the saveDataBackup folder created earlier, here you will be able to see the file called “main.save”. Drag this file to PKHex and your file will be loaded. But, amidst all this, you need to ensure that all the mons have legal stats or you will not be able to go through online.

Once you are done with editing, go to the SAV tab on PKHex and choose export. Post this go to SAV tab on PKHex and select Export save.

After this, you need to overwrite the existing main.sav with the newly edited one.

Next, you need to place SD card back and launch homebrew again. Go to the save_manager file and choose the Pokemon game, press B and import edited data. Launch the game and enjoy your Pokemon game.


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