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project free tv

Entertainment is a perfect reset button for humans. We need it every now and then for a little break from work so that we can get back to it with fresh mind. Entertainment, has now gone digital and consumption of tv series & movies over internet has increased like never before. If you’re yet to dive in the ocean of tv series & movies, then my friend you’ve a long journey to cover. But in which boat can you start your journey with? Project Free TV!

project free tv

The major online streaming services include Netflix & others. But all of them are paid and if you don’t wish to spend money for streaming tv series or movies, then Project Free TV is the best option for you. If you go and search for free movie streaming on Google you’ll find many sites claiming to offer it but trust they all are spam and will only invite you to click on their pop ads. Project Free TV is rather a clean and safe place for what we’re looking for.

What Is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV, as the name suggests, is an initiative to help people watch movies & tv shows online for free. However, they won’t stream it on their website, instead it provides a working link to a place where you can watch the movie or tv series you wish to.

If you check out the website it looks plain and simple, which is very rare because most of the websites that stream movies are filled with ads. You can easily navigate through different movies and tv shows. On the left sidebar, there’s a search box in which you can type the name of a particular movie or tv series you’re looking for and watch it.

On the homepage, you will find the list of movies which are popular among the users of Project Free TV. So you can browse through them as well.

How To Watch Movies & TV Series On Project Free TV?

You don’t need to sign up or do any formalities. You straightaway go to the websites and click through the links to find the movie or tv series you want to watch. Once you’re at the page of movie, you will find the link to stream it.

In case you’re searching for a movie, there are two ways to do it. The simple one is to put the name of movie in the search box and hit enter. The other way is to search for it alphabetically. You select the first letter of the movie and browse through all the movie which start with that letter to hunt yours down.

Is Project Free TV Safe To Use?

I know many people are vary of which website they visit online. I get it, because there are too many spam websites on Internet, especially the ones which are fake movie streaming sites. However, Project Free TV is not one of them. Because the website is built by some humane group of people to make it easier for users to watch movies online. These are my words and my opinions because I’ve used the Project Free TV.

However, you are bound to find some ads which will compel you to download something or fill some forms, etc. But if you carefully click on links, then you should be good to go. There will be moments when a pop up will open without your permission. In this case, you simply close it without clicking anywhere in the window. Nothing comes free in this world. You are trying to watch something which people pay money for, so you’ll have some troubles coming along with you. My advice, use Project Free TV with some caution and enjoy!


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