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Ride for the Future Rolls Through Austin

11 Dedicated Individuals Pedal 1000 Miles to Push for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies


Trekking from New Orleans to Dallas, a group of concerned bicyclists bring their message of sustainable community to citizens along their route.

These intrepid cyclists met in New Orleans, during a hot and humid June, to travel the back roads through both struggling and burgeoning communities alike to hear the stories of people affected by the influence of an industry made possible by not only capitalism, but by socialist constructs, as well. From Louisiana to Texas, the coastal plains route along which they ventured took them through communities shaped by BIg Oil. Refinery towns that have relied for generations on the influx of petroleum from places as disparate as the middle east and south America, and the continental and gulf oil fields of the U.S., gave these young minds a glimpse of the social and environmental impacts wrought by the industry.

The stories told to them by those living in affected communities brought both despair and a rededication to the message of the urgency for change needed in our culture. Our dependence on petroleum in particular, regardless of the source, and on fossil fuels in general must end. The destructive impacts of extraction and use demand change now, rather than later after these resources are depleted or the Earth's buffering systems are no longer effective for humanity. These same stories argue for the need of an approach to community structure that can be sustained indefinitly into the future rather than being based on a finite and toxic resource.

Their cause, and that which all Americans should support, is an end to the welfare state for the fossil fuel industry. Subsidies, whether as tax write-offs, environmental regulation waivers, legislatively-mandated donations via public taxation, or the obvious purchase by the same industry of elected officials and representatives of the public that ultimately result in health disorders and increased mortality rates, or dependency upon the status quo for transportation, food, or material goods, are an affront to the basis of American values. Truely, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are relegated to second-tier status as long as these fossil-fuel industry subsidies exist. The monies dedicated to this industry would better serve the greater good if it were spent in the pursuit of sustainable community.

NacSTOP supports the efforts and goals of these eleven intrepid cyclists. We stand in solidarity with them in their quest for a sustainable future. We encouarge you to do the same. Go to Ride for the Future to learn more about what you can do to help.

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