How To Remove Slideshow From Websites? [Deslide]


Many of the websites today, use slideshows to dispense information. This is probably a cool way to present any piece of information, as a slideshow looks very slick and attractive. But the real motive behind creating slideshows is that they help generate more number of page views and that subsequently translates into more revenues for webmasters. However, it can be a very frustrating experience for a user as he has to click over and over to extract a single piece of information. Here on this blog, we show you how to successfully remove a slideshow from any website and obtain the available information quickly.

Remove Slideshow From Websites

What is a Slideshow?

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A slideshow is basically a compilation of text, images or videos. All the paragraphs of a single post or article can be used to turn them into a slideshow. That means you have to click on the next button again and again to read every paragraph of the same article. That can be quite annoying as a user. You wouldn’t want to do that. But that presents an opportunity for a slideshow developer to earn more views. For example, if there are 10 slides of a particular slideshow, and you click 10 times to gather a single piece of information, the developer gets 10 page views. In the absence of a slideshow, he has just 1 page view for a particular post. Removing animations from a slideshow is different than removing the slideshow from a website.

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Steps To Remove a Slideshow from a Website?

There are several browser extensions and web applications that can be used to remove slideshows from a website. But we are going to talk about very popular web application Clusterfake and widely used browser extension Pagezipper in particular.

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  • Clusterfake

    – It is a simple yet effective web application used by many to deslide a website. Just follow the below mentioned easy steps to remove any slideshow from a website.

Step – 1: Just copy the URL of the particular web page you want to have the slideshow removed from

Step – 2: Go to Clusterfake website and paste the copied URL link in the Slideshow URL box of Clusterfake

Step – 3: You can now choose a combination of components from the Display box that is just above the Slideshow URL box and have the rest of the components removed. For example, you can choose – Big Images only or Small Images + titles + Text etc

Step – 4: Now click on Deslide button and within seconds, have the slideshow removed from the website.

  • Pagezipper

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    – Pagezipper is a browser extension used to remove slideshow. Follow the steps to use Pagezipper.

Step 1: Install Pagezipper on the web browser you frequently use.

Step – 2: Go to the web page containing the slideshow. At the top end of the page corner, you can see Pagezipper icon. All that you need to do is just tap on the icon. All the paragraphs or disintegrated parts of the article are joined. Now, you can read with ease.


Having followed the above-mentioned methods, you can deslide any website and read any information with comfort and ease. Let us know how you found this blog. You can drop your feedback or valuable suggestions in the comment box below.


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