How To Do Roku Screen Mirroring? [Windows/Android]


Screen mirroring, an awesome feature that is a hot news topic all over the world especially amongst the youngsters, is offered by the fantastic Roku 4 streaming box and the streaming stick. The Roku streamers help you mirror the contents from your Smartphone right onto the TV screen. Not only TV, Roku screen mirroring for Windows & Android are most popular. Although the feature of screen monitoring isn’t new to all of us, the changes and advancements are awesome to look and feel. The feature was introduced in the third generation Roku streaming box, approx three years back. Roku 3 was launched in the year 2013 and starting that time with the help of Roku Ultra, it has been revamped twice.

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Roku Screen Mirroring

Being in the market, the most shocking news is that most of the existing Roku users are unaware of this new special feature yet. We understand screen monitoring is something that will not be done each and every time, but having knowledge of the feature when it is already out, gives an awesome experience to the users and benefits them.

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Besides, screen monitoring is a fun way of sharing your Smartphone’s content with your friends by displaying everything and anything on the TV screen so that it can be shared on a huge scale. With this new technology, passing over your phone isn’t required every time when you wish to show something out. And guess what, this is just one of its features and the rest are yet pending. Recently, Plex launched it’s streaming service on Roku.

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So let us all discover the features of screen monitoring to cast our Smartphone contents right onto the Roku enabled TV.

How To Enable “Screen Monitoring” In Roku?

Before we begin doing anything with the system, our screen monitoring option in the Roku settings must be enabled first. Now to use the feature, both the Roku streaming device and the Smartphone should be connected on the same WiFi network.

To enable the feature on the Roku player, just follow the simple steps below,

  • First, go to ‘Settings’. Now go to ‘System settings’.
  • At the top of the screen, a Screen mirroring (Beta) option will appear.
  • Press ‘OK’ option.
  • Now it will take you to a screen that has two options:
  1. Enable screen mirroring
  2. Disable screen mirroring

Now you select the required option, in case you want it to be enabled, you select ‘Enable screen mirroring’ option and if not you select ‘Disable screen mirroring’ option.

How To Mirror Roku To Android Smartphone?

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Now that you have learned to enable the screen mirroring option, we need to learn the way to cast it onto the TV screen. But before that, the software requirements for using the feature have to be checked. You can use this feature if you have an android version 4.4.2 or above. Also, note that the smartphones with custom ROMs are not supported.

To connect and mirror your smart phone’s content onto the TV screen, just follow these simple steps:

  • On your Android smartphone, go to ‘Settings’.
  • Then go to the display bar and at the very bottom of the screen, tap on ‘Cast Screen’.
  • Now tap on the ‘menu’ icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Check the ‘Enable wireless display’ option that appears.
  • Once you do that, your Roku device name should reflect on the screen.
  • Tap on the device name and you’ll be connected.

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In case your device name doesn’t show up on the ‘Cast Screen’ settings after enabling the wireless display, chances are both your devices aren’t connected to the same WiFi network. Possibly there can be other reasons like you might have forgotten to turn on the ‘screen mirroring’ in the Roku settings. Check these two criteria and see if that makes any difference. If the problem still persists, you can contact the Roku customer support.

Now after we are done mirroring the Smartphone contents, we can even mirror the windows content. This comes as a very handy option for all who want a change while they work or use their windows system.

Roku Screen Mirroring For Windows 7/8.1/10

Like any Android device, if you are also using a windows laptop running on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you can cast windows screen on Roku. This is an even more useful tool as you can surf the web on the TV. For example, if you are shopping for the holiday season, you can mirror the laptop screen on Roku so that all the family members can see what is new this holiday season. It is really going to be fun to shop online with family and friends. Eventually, users can stream from PC to Roku.

To mirror the laptop screen on Roku, make sure your laptop is running either on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Also, make sure that Roku mirroring is enabled from your end. Once this is done, Press Windows Key + P key (Windows 10) to open the ‘Project’ option on your laptop. You need to select ‘Duplicate Screen’ option. After selecting the option, it would search for the devices that are capable of doing Screen Mirroring. If the Screen Mirroring in Roku is enabled, it would show the name of your Roku device. Once this is done, click on the Roku device you want to connect and it is done. This was the screen can be cast to Roku from PC.


Now you can mirror you Smartphone and the windows system on the TV using the Roku screen mirroring option easily. Using this you can cast anything and everything you want with just simple steps to follow. Now you can enjoy your entertainer just like the already existing features Google’s Chrome cast screen mirroring and Apple’s Airplay.

Overall, Roku streaming is a wonderful option for all its users that might simplify the entertainment experience on a wide scale with an enlarged entertainer to watch.


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