Shaanig Shuts Down Permanently | Best Alternatives


Downloading films, TV series or watching them online is quite a trend nowadays. With so many torrent launch team which will flood your display screen, there are only a few which offer premium quality videos. Another point to note here is that the torrent lunch portals is a vulnerable field where you can find many companies moving in and many cracking down week after week. Owing to the rising demand of online videos we have so many players flooding the market.

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Amongst the popular name in the series we had 2 very popular ones, aXXo and YIFY were popular and offered the world-beating quality of work. Owing to its superior quality work and videos, these sites gained huge popularity and also had thousands of followers. Because of certain issues, both these platform had to shut down. Both these websites are nowhere around, they are facing legal actions, with YIFY is subjected to legal action in the New Zealand, the aXXo also facing the lawsuit.


This paved the way for a new player to come into the picture and thus came in the Shaanig. The company made use of all the popular ways to grab the consumer’s heart, whether it was a great quality of the picture, quick and easy download, user-friendly interface, engaging content and the small zip file download facility, Shaanig had all the pieces of the puzzle fit in well to create a great picture.

No wonder it became quite popular. But, it had its fate end up in a similar way as that of its predecessors like aXXo and YIFY. Shaanig has shut down its operations and the reasons are still unknown to people. The operations of the website came to an end after publishing few releases like Blu-ray rip of the film Jawbone and Outcast TV show.

Best Alternative To ShaAnig

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One just can’t deny the fact that ShaAnig has a huge fan base, who would now be looking for the alternatives. According to us, the best one is YTS ( Being exactly similar to the ShaAnig, the YTS torrent sites behaves like a forum, where you can hunt down the movies to download. Moreover, YTS is older than ShaAnig in fact and hence carries a tad bit more heritage.

The Indian connect

Another interesting feature that came to notice was the Indian connection, websites like Extra torrent and Shaanig had more than 30% of its traffic coming from India.

Conclusion- Well, the exact reasons could not be figured out, but, it is believed that there are legal reasons behind. Whatever the reasons behind it, for now, we know that Shaanig is not working anymore. All you will see on the website is a message, “ShAaNiG has shut down permanently”


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