SS YouTube – Best Way To Download YouTube Videos


YouTube has always been the favorite website for watching the most amazing and closely loved videos and songs. One of the most entertaining websites, YouTube has its subscribers which round to almost millions. YouTube has its own different features, some useful and some are less used.

Watching the videos on the go at any place has taken over the world now, but have you ever imagined of having these videos offline? What if you are stuck in a place without internet? Wouldn’t one need a pass time to overcome the situation?

Yes of course. It is important to access the YouTube videos offline as well. In the former days, there have been multiple software made to download the videos and songs from YouTube. The software like YouTube downloader has made its place of the mark while it was functioning.


But as most of us might be aware of, the downloading feature has now been taking off. People cannot download the YouTube videos and have an enjoyment offline. However, YouTube has its feature of making a particular video available at the playlist when one is offline and working without internet.

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Downloading the YouTube videos and songs gives rise to piracy and things do not remain genuine as per the laws. And hence the downloading feature has been made unavailable now. However, the best video featuring and watched website YouTube has made its mark with utmost genuine feature and supporting anti-piracy.

But it would come as a surprise to most of us that still there is a slight way where the YouTube videos can be downloaded. No much pain or extra software is required. Just a little step that needs to be followed and the video from YouTube is downloaded at a jinx in our systems. The methodology does not involve any hard-earned knowledge or piracy; instead, the method can be performed very easily with just a few steps.

In order to download the YouTube videos, just follow the simple steps below,

Go to and search for the video that you wish to download on your system. Once the video opens, on the URL, just edit the link including ‘SS’ before ‘YouTube’ word.

Look below to understand better,

The general link to a particular video is,

Now edit the part as below. Just type in ‘SS’ before the word ‘YouTube’ in the link,

After this hit on enter and now the page would be redirected to another page where you would have options to download. The website redirected is and here you need to select “Download” as an option. As soon as you click on download option, the video starts downloading with very little effort made.

The downloading of the video is just like any other download and can be tracked on the system screen. An awesome feature for downloading all the trendy videos on the internet with hardly few simple steps. The step is not very popularly known at this point of time but the step has its added advantage.

So if you are a video fan and love watching videos, day in and out, then the step above is your savior. Just go and try the method at your fingertip so that you get accustomed to it.


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