Technical Error At UIDAI Please Try Again [Link Aadhar To PAN]


The Indian Government has made it clear, that it is now mandatory for all the citizens to link their aadhar with PAN. This means that every person who is the resident of India, and who has an aadhar card, as well as PAN card, is supposed to link them before the midnight of 30th June, 2017. Failing to do the same, may land your PAN card into serious troubles and may result in invalidation as well. However, portraying Indian characteristic, the online website to link aadhar to PAN is throwing “Technical Error at UIDAI, Please Try Again” message and a large chunk of citizens have now woken up from sleep to carry out the procedure at the minute.

Error at UIDAI please try again

Indian Government websites have always been integrated with a strong incapability of handling huge traffic. With the population of India, and considering the part of which has internet access, the government should better take their website server game to next level if they wish to support the steep graph of growing internet users. Events like this, linking PAN Card to aadhar, requires a huge working class population to access the website. It is needless to mention that majority of them prefer thrills & will carry out the procedure on the last day.

This, more often than not, results in a flood of requests to the website and eventually failure of access for the users. I won’t be a hypocrite and conveniently accept the fact that I’m no different. While writing this I’m still trying to get my aadhar linked to PAN. But I’m a little more careful. I’ve been trying this since yesterday as I somewhere in the back of my mind had a clue about what might come. But, to my surprise, the second last day (29th June, 2017) would have been equally busy for the Income Tax India Efiling Website.

Anyways, I’ll get back to the trial & error exercise for the week and hopefully get my aadar linked to PAN before midnight. Let mw know if you guys make it through, inform me what time of the day worked for and help others with any queries in the comments. Peace!


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