How To Install & Use tModLoader For Terraria?[Complete Guide]


Mods are very popular among people who love gaming. Every popular game has been backed by bunch of really cool developers who keep releasing mods for those games regularly. But, it issn’t that easy to load mod into the game successfully. To all those who have faced difficulty in loading mods, here’s an escape. tModloader, in itself, is a mod which helps you load other custom mods in games like terraria. We are here to explain everything about tModLoader. How to install tLodLoader and how to use it for loading Terraria Mods.


Why Use tModLoader?

tModLoader enables the users to create and load Mods in Terraria, and it does this without interacting with the source code of Terraria in any way. Hence, the users no longer need to compile and recompile the Terraria mods anymore. Moreover, the players can even load multiple mods in Terraria at a time. Gone are the days when players used to worry about the compatibility issues. tModLoader got it all covered. It is the ability of tModLoader to act as an API, which sets itself apart, unlike other mod, which weeds out the incompatibility issue.

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The tModLoader is designed to work on 1.3 and above version of Terraria. Because of the uniqueness of tModLoader there will be less frequent version updates.

How To Install tModLoader?

Although the installation of tModLoader is fairly simple, I recommend you to take a backup of current Terraria.exe TerrariaServer.exe.

  1. Go to this link and download (Windows/Mac/Linux) the latest version of tModLoader.
  2. The downloaded file will be Zip, so unzip all the files in a folder.
  3. Now copy all the files extracted and paste it in the Terraria folder. (Overwrite the files)
  4. That’s it. Just launch the Terraria as you always do.

How To Find Terraria Folder?

  1. Open Steam and find Terraria.
  2. Right click and click on Properties.
  3. Move over to Local Files tab and select “Browser Local Files”.
  4. Where you land, is the Terraria folder where you need to paste the files.


  1. Open the “Steam” folder in your system.
  2. Go to Steamapps folder.
  3. Locate Terraria folder here.
  4. Open it and paste all the copied files.

I’ll suggest a life hack here. Make sure you make a copy of Terria.exe file and rename it to anything else before copying the tModLoader files. This way, if you ever want to rollback and open the previous version of Terraria mod, you can simply start the renamed Terraria.exe.

How To Use tModLoader To Load Terraria Mods?

  1. Once you’ve completed copying tModLoader files, open Terraria from Steam.
  2. If the installation was done correctly, you should get “Mods”, Mod Source” & “Mod Browser” in the Menu.
  3. Click “Mods” to check which mods are installed in Terraria.
  4. To install Mods, click on “Mod Browser”.
  5. You can browse different mods here.
  6. Once you select a mod, click on Download.
  7. Now go to “Mods” again and enable the Mod you just downloaded.
  8. Press “Reload Mods” from the menu below.
  9. You can disable and enable other mods if you wish to.
  10. That’s it!

Do not worry at all if you have separate players which you like to play with in original Terraria. You can always switch on the original Terraria and play with those players. So that’s it from my side guys. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly and do no miss on anything. If you have got any errors or any queries to ask, do so in comment below.


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