How To Watch MSNBC Without Cable? [All Solutions]


News channels are essential as they remain one of the most concrete medium for people to know about happenings in the world. MSNBC, is one such popular new channel which can be access using cables generally. But, lately everything is turning wireless and so are TV channels with the help of subscription based services over internet. Similarly, there are various services which can assist viewers to watch MSNBC without cable. However, these services have grown rapidly in numbers and it may become difficult for you to choose one.

Watch MSNBC Without Cable

We are going to discuss each of these services and help you choose the best one to watch MSNBC without cable. So let’s move straightaway to these services.

List Of Services To Watch MSNBC Without Cable

Now, before we proceed I would like add a disclaimer that none of these services will be free. And, if you find any service which offers you to watch any channels like MSNBC for free, then it is certainly not legal. Instead, I would recommend everyone of you to pick one of the economical option from this list and encourage authenticity.

Sling TV

Sling TV categorizes new channels as add-ons and the easiest way to subscribe to MSNBC on Sling TV is to choose the blu package, which costs $25, and then buy an add-on called “News Extra” for $5. This is give you access to channels like MSNBC, Fusion, BBC, Bloomberg Television & RT. Not a bad deal for news hungry people out there.

However, with the above subscription you don’t get to record the shows. If you wish to record shows, then you might considers adding another DVR add-on for $5 and avail cloud storage that can store upto 50 hours. Also, this storage has no expiration date.

With this subscription, you can stream from 3 devices simultaneously which I think is quite a great deal. Moreover, Sling TV covers support & compatibility for most of the popular devices & OS like Android, iOS, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One & some of the LG setup boxes.

Sling TV, in our opinion, should be your best pick as far as price is concerned. If you like to record the shows, then it would be $35/month which will bring it at par with most of the subscription services. You could even check out the 7 days free trial.

Direct TV Now

No add-ons needed here, as Direct TV Now has a package named “Live a little” which conveniently includes the MSNBC channel. Along with MSNBC, other news channels like CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, Telemundo, C-SPAN & Bloomberg are also included.

One major issue with this subscription however, is that you can’t record the shows. No, there’s no add-on for it either. Yes, the subscription does not have sufficient technology to support DVR. Direct TV has claimed to release a free DVR with all their subscription some time in 2018. But, who wants to wait till then? Maybe those who aren’t picky enough about recording.

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Also, Direct TV Now supports only 2 devices streaming simultaneously. Adding to the misery is the rough support & compatibility. While it is compatible with Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV & Roku, it falls short in including the gaming consoles like Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

So you might ask, why would we bother mentioning Direct TV Now on the list. Because, it could be a boon for A&T users. Yes, all the A&T users can cut a special deal and avail this subscription at just $20/month, which otherwise would cost $35/month.

There’s a 7 day free trial available for Direct TV Now, which you can use before getting the subscription.


FuboTV was popular for the soccer coverage and sports subscription. But slowly it has grown and now caters to news audience as well. Taking things little expensive, the $39 subscription of Fubo TV will give will access of 75 channels inclusive of MSNBC and other news channels like Fox news, Fox Business & Fusion.

Although being little expensive, the Fubo TV offers a free DVR features. This means that you can record the content of any channel you want for upto 30 hours or 10 shows. These recordings are saved over cloud and will stay there until you remove them and add again.

One thing which you might not like about Fubo TV is that you can not stream simultaneously on more than 2 devices at a time. So you might not consider this if you’re planning to share the subscription among a group or family of more than 2.

FuboTV can be accessed from a good range of devices like android/iOS, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku & Apple TV. To conclude, we can say that FuboTV should be best for those who are news as well as football enthusiasts. For others, this might not be the best deal on the board. You can always use the 7 day trial to be sure though.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu has been known for it’s service like Netflix. It has been in the game being a player who would offer movies & tv series streaming. but lately, Hulu has gone one up in the game and is now all set to launch the cable alternative. The subscription starts at $39.99 per month which gets you access to 55+ channels. This subscription inherently grants you entire Hulu VOD library.

Hulu, however, caters to only 2 devices streaming the content simultaneously. For adding another device you’ll have to shell out $14.99 per month extra. But to balance the deal, it offers a free DVR storage for upto 50 hours. Does even 50 hours not fulfill your appetite? Well, you can add $14.99 more and get 200 hours of cloud storage. There are various combos available as well where in you can club 2 different extras for a sweet deal.

As we said, Hulu with Live TV is still in beta mode but will be available for use on almost every common platform like android/iOS devices, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast & Roku. For all the existing Hulu subscribers, the deal can be even better.

PlatStation Vue

PlatStation Vue is completely new player in the field but has very good offers. The $39.99 access package will give you access to MSNBC, along with other news channels like CNN, BBC America, Fox News, CNBC & Fox Business.

If we compare the prices with former subscriptions, then PlayStation Vue might turn out be a little more costly. But for those who are not a big fan of Live TV, can find a great reason to rejoice. Because PlayStation vue offers unlimited DVR storage for 28 days.

Moreover, breaking all the barriers, PlayStation Vue will let you stream on 5 devices simultaneously on your Home network. So, this sets PlayStation Vue apart from all other Live TV services. PlayStation Vue offer a wide support for platform except on Xbox, which should not even be expected given both of them are super duper rivals.

Hence, PlayStation Vue should be the first choice if you’re looking to share the subscription among 4-5 people and you all like to record. You can get your hand on the free trial first.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is expanding at a consistent speed. With the $35 plan you can get access to 40+ channels. However, YouTube TV is, currently, not available in all the regions of the world.

As far as news channels are concerned, you’ll get access to MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, BBC America, BBC World, ESPN News & Newsy.

YouTube TV subscription can be streamed from 3 devices simultaneously which is good enough. But, being under the umbrella of Google, YouTube TV currently supports only Google Chrome, Chromecast, android devices & Android TV only. No outsiders allowed here.

But for those who qualify, $35 per month is not that bad for YouTube TV.


Now, we don’t wan to pick one winner here, because each of them can cater to someone’s need and hence it would be utterly unfair to declare the choice of masses a winner. But we would definitely categorize them according to needs.

Sling TV is the best choice for those looking for the cheapest option. Everything can be managed in $30.

I personally prefer PlayStation Vue, due to more number of devices that can access at a time and unlimited recordings. Plus, I love PlayStation so there’s no point debating. All the gamers, except those who like Xbox, here’s a pretty deal for everyone of you.


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